Friday, June 9, 2017

Another move

Well, we've moved. It's been a rough few months, living in the chaos of both our move, and our roommate's, and dealing with a feisty 4.5yo. The transition has been hard for my son, leaving the house and our friend, but I think - slowly - we are finding our bearing again. I did ask for help with the move this time, and did GET help, thankfully. But even with that, I did all the heavy lifting of course, literally and figuratively. It's a lot to manage with two adults, so these are the life events that trigger a bit of self-pity for me, being a single mom. I'm over it now, but it does point out the double-edged sword of solo parenting by choice. On the one hand I have to make all the decisions, on the other, I get to make all the decisions.

Now we are living in a much smaller home, an apartment not a house, and in a different neighborhood. We have to make some significant adjustments to life as we knew it and that will take some time. But we're together and on our own, and lots of that is good for me, and for him.

One step, one day at a time.

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