Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 months old!

My beautiful boy turned 10 months old today. This last week we have had a few 'notable moments' which are probably more amazing for me to witness than anyone else, but it's okay, I'm the mommy.

  • He took from me the little washcloth I use on him to control his non-stop drooling on everything, and 'washed' my face with it. It was quite sweet, and unexpected. 
  • He pointed to the Squirrel, Owl, and Birds that are on prints above his changing table when I asked, for the first time. 
  • He fell at least 3 times onto his head. Poor baby.
  • He's now eating grown up food with a fervor. And quite obviously many things with Vit A, since he's got a little carotenemia going on - yellowish coloring on his nose. oops.
  • We had our first playdate with 2 other babies close to the same age. That might be more a milestone for me, since I'm not all that comfortable in new social situations. But baby boy thought it was fun, I think. Basically, they all kind of looked at each other and crawled, scooted, cruised to their own corners and grabbed toys to chew on. We'll work on it.
  • He is now cruising around the furniture with serious intention, so so SO busy.
  • He is finally letting me read to him without constantly grabbing the book and chewing on it. Thank goodness. At least most of the time.
  • He looks at me very intently when I'm repeating words to him - I'm pretty sure he's watching how I say it and I feel like I can see his little wheels turning in there. And this morning, he repeated after me when I'd say "yellow". In his own language, but I'm very sure he thinks he was saying yellow, too. SO FASCINATING!

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