Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Promises to keep.

When I started this process, I looked for anything, anyone, that could help me with all the questions and planning. I found a couple of blogs, several books, a couple of websites, and one local group of like-minded women who either were already or planned to be single mothers by choice. I'm not really a group person, so gearing up to go to one of these "meet ups" was rather a huge ordeal. (I think I maybe even blogged about it.) The group was comprised of one organizer, who at the time of our meet up, had just had twins both of whom were still in NICU, and I think just one other woman, who had an infant son. It was a good meeting, simple and somewhat informative. But soon after, when there was no one to take over running the group, it disbanded. I promised myself that if I was successful, I'd start another group for women like me. So earlier this summer, I did just that. And as of our second successful meeting, we have 21 members in the group - in all different stages of becoming/being single mothers by choice. Hopefully, this group will continue as more local women on this path discover there is a place for support and camaraderie.

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