Friday, May 4, 2012

A new start

Today, for the first time in a while, I'm feeling fairly calm. It's been a really rough few weeks - I've had a lot of opera rehearsals, work has been trying in ways that I really wasn't prepared for, and I think because of the stress, I wound up getting a horrible cold and had to stay home for about 5 days straight. But I'm feeling better at the moment and am grateful.

My parents (whom you will eventually come to understand are the anchors of my soul) have, as usual, been incredibly generous and bought my little peanut a crib. I've been so overwhelmed that I haven't had a chance to open it, but it's been delivered and when I'm ready, it will be ready. On Monday, I will be at 12 weeks, and have always fully planned to start talking about the pregnancy then. Telling folks at work will be a bit delayed due to political reasons, but I did tell the girls at the opera last night that we can start talking about it out loud. I don't want to stand up and make an announcement (that seems like a nightmare) but I'm good with the word starting to spread. I want to be free of the secret!!! I know I may have a lot to explain to some folks, but I'm obviously beyond good with my choice, and if my experience so far is any indication of how most people will respond - it will be great to get the love, support and excitement that I think will come as a result of telling.

I'm ready to feel good, ready to be done with rehearsals since once we start the shows life gets a lot freer, ready to start exercising and eating right, ready to start lots of family events and visits, and just ready to start being the healthy happy pregnant chick I want to be. So, here's to a new start and clarity of purpose! Cheers!

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