Friday, September 14, 2012

Would I like cheese with my whine? Most definitely...

First, a wee bit of a bitch session:
I'm a little out of sorts today. Last night, I babysat my niece overnight because my sister and bro-in-law had to both be out of town for work. Really, normally, this is no big deal because I love to be with her and to help when I can. And all in all, she was awake for only a total of maybe 3 hours over the entire time. But I went over after work yesterday already tired and with my feet and calves swollen, and then just did not sleep a bit. Not one bit! So when I got up, not 'woke' up, this morning, my feet were even more swollen and my fingers are now too and I SWEAR HE GREW overnight so everything feels and appears bigger. Today is, therefore, not my best day. Today I'm doing my best to survive this thing, and other than one commitment at work I don't feel I can skip out on, the idea of the 2 block walk to my parking garage is probably the only thing keeping me from going home as fast as I can.Yeah that's right, I said 2 BLOCKS. 2.

Overall, I have things so good. I have love and support. I know people care. So I promise I don't want to be a whiner for the next 9 weeks, but THE SWELLING is making me crazy. And uncomfortable all the time. And honestly, it's so embarrassing. Just makes it hard to think about how I'll manage the rest of this pregnancy.

Second, I never have enough gratitude:
My darling friend S, has arranged to host a baby shower for me with some of our opera women, and has graciously invited my mom, sister and cousin and a couple of additional outside friends too. Her generosity is not astonishing to me, though I am humbled by her friendship for sure. But she is also doing this when her world has been turned upside down by her husband being recently laid off. She is a SAHM, other than part time work as a singer, and this presents some very scary challenges for them right now. And in the middle of this, she insisted still on throwing me a shower. I am grateful.

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