Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'd been wondering how I was going to get my room ready for bebe's arrival because I shouldn't really be painting and moving furniture so much these days (plus it totally wears me out). My mom suggested I reach out to my local family, which weirdly never actually occurred to me. My tendency is to either do it myself, or argue with anyone who offers help until/unless I'm desperate. I don't know why - I guess I never want to be an imposition on someone's time. Well, my mom was beyond right to suggest I ask for help. My parents, 3 cousins, sister and brother in law showed up and between the lot, the room is now painted, the furniture moved both out and in, the carseat base has been semi installed, the batteries replaced in 2 smoke detectors,  and the crib has been built. All in a weekend. I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a loving support system and I will always be sure that my boy knows how loved he was before he was even born.

This is the start to my bebe's corner...

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