Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boy oh Boy!

The last 2 weeks has been pretty fun now that I know my bebe is a boy! At first, I kind of had to wrap my head around it, only because for the first couple of months I thought I was having a girl. Not for any specific reason, but more because many of my friends thought so and I think because I've been immersed in all that is girly about my niece for the last 10 months. But lately more of my family thought boy, and then when we (me, my sister, and mom) watched the ultrasound, within the first few minutes I just knew it was a boy. And, it is! I've already named my little guy, so my family and I are able to address him by name all the time, and it's starting to sink in. Plus, I already have a tub full of adorable boy clothes - due to the generosity of my parents, my sisters, and several friends who can't help but shop! My sister goes back to work for the next 4 months, and will get home just in time for the birth, providing he doesn't arrive early - at all - so we have spent a lot of time together just shopping and talking about what's next. I will miss her very much in the next 4 important months, but we did our best to make the most of this time together.

I have a lot to do to get ready for bebe's arrival, but have a HUGE conference at work to get through first. Plus, I'm having a lot of fun foot and ankle swelling these days, CANKLES I tell you. U G L Y. But after visiting the doctor today, I know there isn't much that I can do beyond what I already am doing, so I try walk slower so I don't pound on my feet, go home right after work so I can put them up and am trying hard to drink 3 liters of water a day. My blood pressure was nice and low today and bebe's heart rate was rockin, so at least I am on track and not doing anything to sabotage the healthy progress. And the sun has finally been out for close to a week straight, so all in all things are okay.

Just looking through to July 25th when this conference will be over and I can start thinking about making a home for my bebe.

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