Tuesday, June 26, 2012

19 weeks...

Once again, it's been a while since I last posted - not for lack of enthusiasm so much as my sister and her boyfriend (hopefully to one day to be another brother - in - law) have been here for a few weeks, and have stayed with me for the most part, and my brother came home too. All in all it's been a really busy family-focused June. Which I have loved. I had my first couple of baby showers - first a book shower, which I thought was a brilliant idea, and then a family shower. The part where I have to sit in front of a group of people and be the center of attention was (and still is) really hard for me, so I've had a couple of breakdowns about it, but knowing I'm loved, my bebe is loved and that my friends and family want to come together to celebrate us is pretty priceless. So, I dried those crazy tears and got on to opening those very generous gifts. Including...

Indestructibles (Picture books that are virtually indestructible for babies who chew, tear, drool, crinkle, throw, etc. - which was utterly product tested by my niece who essentially kicked the crap out of this book for the entire weekend of the shower. All I have to do is throw it in the washer, and voila! all is well.Kind of crazy and totally ingenious.) http://www.workman.com/products/9780761158585/

Peg Perego 2010 Skate System (super cool stroller/carseat/bassinet system that my sisters, and their dudes, bought for me from a friend of mine who was selling her gently used one.)

And several more sweet and useful items. I feel really blessed and lucky to have such giving family and friends. 

I am also pretty sure I am now feeling those little flutters which indicate bebe movement, which is pretty cool. It's not really like any other feeling, so I think it's the real deal. And, in two days, I will have another ultrasound that hopefully will give identify the sex of this little peanut, so I can stop calling it a peanut! I'm rather dying to know, but my family and friends are CRAZY dying to know. So, something great to look forward to and more to celebrate!

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