Thursday, March 1, 2012

Try #2 in the bag

Yesterday's experience was quite a bit harder than last time.
P A I N F U L. 
I fully acknowledge my wimp status when it comes to medical procedures, but this was quite a bit worse than the time before, because the doctor also had to use a tenaculum this time. This is a clamp for the cervix. So I could explain more, but if you're at all like me, that description alone just gave you the heebie jeebies. That's right people, a clamp.

I have fully given up taking my temperature every morning, because it served it's purpose to establish my cycle timelines, but now only gives me anxiety trying to glean more from the information than is actually possible. So now...the hopeful wait. I'm giving my all this time around to not turn into the crazy woman that I turned into last time. This week will probably be just fine. Next week however?  I'll be busy, which is helpful, though my busyness has never stopped by brain from overthinking everything to death. Hopefully I'll keep it occupied as well.

With thee, sweet Hope! resides the heav'nly light,
That pours remotest rapture on the sight:
Thine is the charm of life's bewilder'd way,
That calls each slumb'ring passion into play:
Wak'd by thy touch, I see the sister band,
On tiptoe watching, start at thy command,
And fly where'er thy mandate bids them steer,
To Pleasure's path, or Glory's bright career. ~ Thomas Campbell 

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