Friday, March 16, 2012


I've officially informed my Little Village of Hope and Encouragement the good news and have received numerous squealing with delight emails and calls - which has been very fun. Now I am doing my best to believe it all to be true. Next Wednesday, I'll get a blood test just to confirm it, as everything I read says to do so. Then it's all a matter of taking good care of myself so this little bud can grow grow grow!!! I had a dream last night that I'd forgotten to show up to work, a birthday party, a hair appointment and a concert I'm singing in, in a couple of weeks. So that was awesome. Probably just my subconscious helping me get back my focus. I don't feel like focusing on anything else right now! My plan is to wait to put anything together, baby-wise, until this summer - just so I can really take the time to do it, instead of balancing between work and shows. But until then it's all about making sure I stay healthy and active. Besides, the one thing I have heard from 99% of the LVof H&E is that they can't wait to shop - whew! I'm probably safe just waiting that part out a bit.

My hope continues: hope for a healthy pregnancy that results in a healthy, happy baby!

Colorful illustration of a baby in carriage with decorations 

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