Friday, February 10, 2012

Patience Schmatience - the ravings of a crazy woman

So... I had good intentions of not enabling my own crazy-making with the temperature taking this week. I have promised myself and others SEVERAL times that I would stop. But I haven't and I won't. And now, to add to it, I bought an Early Pregnancy Test (EPT) yesterday and with the sweet crazy-enabling assistance of my bff and mom, took one of those tests this morning. Now, rationally I totally know it's really too early to take this test, but the box came with 3 - so with strategic planning I mapped out when I'll take the other 2 as well, at a more reasonable time in the next couple of days. Look, it's a plan. I'm NOTHING without a plan no matter how hard I try and I've given up trying to quit myself. Plan Plan Plan. HA!

Current: Test 1 - NOT PREGNANT

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